Tecnoespe background

Industrial Automation and Processing Systems

The company

The customer at the center of our world, is our promise.

Founded in 1994, TECNOESPE responds to industry's need for a technological support of excellence.
The preparation and the experience allow us to fully understand the problems and the requirements of our Customers, our involvement is integral and enables us to find the most appropriate and satisfactory solution.

We give shape and substance to the ideas of our Customers through our knowledge and our fidelity to the spirit of continuous innovation.
The innovation is not just about our production, but also the entire universe of services that are necessary to guarantee to our Customers support, one of the most comprehensive and effective in the market. From the department of research and development to after sales support.

The success of TECNOESPE consists in to align our business strategy with the needs of our customers.

By following this model, science, technology and industry share a relation, creating a value system whose incentive is the desire to obtain results and continuous improvement.


For us, quality is important, but if there was no passion the quality would remain a purely abstract concept.

Our passion for the quality distinguishes us and defines our work every day. Not only with regard to the production and development of our products, but also assistance, after-sales service, the speed with which we respond to the needs of our customers and the precision with which we perform our task.
When we work with you, our passion is shared and becomes immediately tangible, helping you to create production processes perfectly constructed based to the model of your dreams with the highest level of satisfaction.

The technology that simplifies your world.

Machines improved, more streamlined production, advanced support, working closely with the client, shoulder to shoulder, offering the most advanced technology in the area of automation to realize your ideas.
TECNOESPE provides experience, security, control for innovative systems from the functional point of view, completely reliable that increase your competitiveness.
Experience has taught us that the most effective solutions are obtained with the right people. For this reason our engineers are at your disposal with expertise and experience unique from the smallest and contains applications, to systems and platforms more complex and sophisticated.

The automation in the real world.

A production center and a laboratory for advanced research and development, with more than 20 System Integrator Specialists are at your service, starting from design, assembly of control panels simultaneously with the programming of the dedicated software, up to commissioning and maintenance.
An activity of 40 years of research and experimentation applied to the design, development and construction of industrial processes in various sectors: paper, textile, steel, food, energy, and anywhere that required an effective and decisive solution.